Relationship Pricing Best Practices

Not every loan opportunity is the same, sometimes you need to push hard and other times you should give ground. The hard part for most bankers is to know what card to play when.

John TullJohn Tull is the SVP Director of Strategic Finance and Treasurer at Union Bank & Trust in Virginia. Part of his job is knowing where that line is and helping his lenders understand the logic behind the decisions. Today, he’ll share his insights and best practices with us.

Although we’re happy that John and Union Bank & Trust use PrecisionLender as their pricing solution, he’ll talk in more general terms about when, how and where to make relationship decisions when it comes to commercial loan pricing.
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Prepayment & Maintaining Yield on Commercial Loans

Monopoly man with a bag of money

Most commercial loans have a stated term. While there are some "Demand Loans" where the bank can demand payment at any time, borrowers generally prefer the certainty of knowing when their loan is due. However, borrowers may want to repay some or all … [Continue reading]

SBA Loans – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Joel Rosenberg

Joel Rosenberg has seen more than his fair share of SBA loans. He is a VP of Delivery and Client Success at PrecisionLender and has spent most of his days in and around banks and banking. He joins Dallas to talk about how lenders can think through … [Continue reading]

Is This The Start of Rising Interest Rates?

Grant Locklamp

Grant Locklamp, AVP at Country Club Bank joins us to talk about how the value lenders can bring to their borrowers is largely driven by their expertise in matching the right financing structure to specific business needs. This specific podcast … [Continue reading]

Growing Loans in a Small Market

Eric Judd

For more than seven years now, loan growth has been hard to come by in even the best markets.  Banks have struggled first with credit problems, and then growth, and now margin compression. So, what about banks in smaller markets?  Can they really … [Continue reading]

The Case for a Chief Pricing Officer


It may not be an easy sell, but what if I told you your missing one more CxO at your bank? I'd like to make the case for a Chief Pricing Officer at your bank. Pricing is one of the most important things banks do, but because it permeates … [Continue reading]