Podcast: Is Social Media Worth the Effort?

Can lenders really use social media for business development?  Is it really worth all of the extra time and effort it takes to “do it right” and engage on things like Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn?

Jill CastillaJill Castilla, President & CEO at Citizens Bank of Edmond (Edmond, OK) joins me in this episode to talk about how she has actively used social media as an integral part of the turnaround story and now growth at her bank.  We cover the WHY, the WHEN, and most important, the HOW of using social media as a tool to build relationships and a reputation in your community.

Jill is a big supporter of small business and buying local, and encourages her employees to engage their professional connections in the same way they do their personal connections.  The big key to success in this endeavor?  Jill says it’s making all of your interactions authentic and true to your personality, and not worrying about it being a polished (and sterile) corporate marketing message.

But, the episode isn’t all business, because we also had to cover Oklahoma City’s Tiger-nado, banking Gangam style, and the royals of the Edmond banking scene.
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